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Website Designer 1 is based in Cambridge, Ontario and is a growing website development company in Canada.

We turn your vision into reality while maximizing interaction, engagement, and usability.


Website development in Canada

Custom Website Development

We offer custom website theme development.

Why Use Us For Web Development?

We have 10 years of experience in custom web development for Canadian companies and have constantly improved our development process with every project. We maintain our edge by continually staying up to date with the latest technological advances in website development.


Scalable Projects

We can develop a scalable website that offers a complete solution for a small business and is robust enough to scale up to handle thousands of pages as your business grows.


We can set up the backend with simple text builders that operate like word documents and do not require any coding language to use.
We help make it easy to keep the content on your website up to date.

SEO Friendly

Website development that is optimized and makes it easier for search engines like google and bing to find your website. Settings for URL slugs and metadata that allow for easy changes.

Responsive Website Development

Responsive Website Development designed with marketing goals in mind.
Successful websites that are optimized  to encourage engagement increase traffic and maximize the exposure of your brand while converting visitors into customers

E-Commerce Website Development Canada

E-commerce website development involves more than just a good-looking website. Everything has to work together to produce a good experience for the end user. We have the expertise to know what systems work best together, from taking the orders processing the payments, and shipping the products across the country or around the globe.

Clear Call To Action

We make it easy for your visitors to convert into customers. Easy-to-navigate menus and uncluttered pages that communicate your company message.

Web pages that work for you 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Ecommerce Web Design

Shopify Website Development

We are a recognized Shopify partner. We offer design, development, and SEO for Shopify websites. We develop Shopify websites that look good and work like a dream. We offer end-to-end Shopify theme development services.

Custom Theme Development

We can collaborate to create custom responsive, unique, and attractive websites.
Creating engaging themes that convert visitors to customers.

Website Cost Canada

Custom Features Development

let us know if you want a custom feature added to your website that you have never found anywhere else, let us know. We love a good challenge. It brings out our passion for website development. 

New Ideas Website Development

We collaborate with entrepreneurs to bring new ideas to the internet.

Custom Content Management Systems

If you have special requirements for your content management system, we can collaborate to create the system that you need.

  • Custom Interface
  • Custom Log In portal 
  • Custom CMA
  • Custom CDA
  • Custom Memberships 
  • Custom User Roles
  • Custom User Privileges 

Responsive Website Development

Websites designed for Internet marketing.
Successful websites that are optimized to encourage engagement increase traffic and maximize the exposure of your brand while converting visitors into customers.

Your Enterprise Partner For Custom Website Development

Website Development Cost

Custom Website Development pricing is based on the project. Please get in touch with us with your project details for a estimate.

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