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SEO Strategies That Work In 2020

Our goal is to increase your organic website traffic creating more leads, clients and, sales.

If your business or organization is not on the first page of Google your missing out 95% of website traffic only goes to the first page while only 5% make it to the 2 or 3 pages of search results

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We have several options for SEO services from basic starter packages to complete monthly SEO campaigns with new optimized websites hosted on the best hosting platforms available.

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SEO To Improve Company Visibility

Website Designer 1 Is a full-service Web Design & SEO Agency that helps companies get results 

SEO For Traffic

We help organizations attract and retain customers by optimizing websites.

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SEO Content Strategy


We specialize in driving local organic. with the rising cost of PPC traffic on the intent more business are finding organic traffic achieved with Search Engine Optimization is the most cost-effective way to generate a strong market position

Top 6 SEO Factors To Increase Your Website Rankings

There are over 200 ranking factors that top search engines consider when placing a web-page in the top 5 results. We have listed the top 6 ranking factors for 2019 


When search bots crawl your site, they look for keywords to identify the content of your web page they look at page titles your URLs Meta descriptions this helps them display your site in relevant search terms. when you rank higher in search results for key products more people can find you and  convert to your customers


Fresh Content

When you update your content regularly search engines notice you and boost your rankings your visitors will keep coming back for more, regular updates can set you ahead of the competition. Fresh content is a must for 2019 SEO


Optimized Pictures

If you want to rank in 2019 you need a fast-loading page. Slow loading web-pages on your web-site will hurt your rankings no matter how good your content is slow loading websites may not even show up in mobile search. Compressed pictures that are optimized for your web-page can have a positive performance improvement on your website rankings.



Page Speed

A page that loads slowly will affect user experience. If you would like to check your website load speed you can use GTmetrix To analyze a website page's speed performance.’s a free tool

The other tool we use is Pingdom website speed test. You just enter your URL to test the page load time, analyze it, and find bottlenecks. They have a free and paid plan.

Mobile Ready Websites

In 2019 if your website is not mobile-ready your losing customers. Websites have to be responsive to show up well in mobile search results. If your not sure if a website is responsive you can enter the URl of your website at and run a mobile-friendly test right from Google it is free to use and will tell you the results right away.


Intuitive Navigation

When your users come to your website, they usually look to your menu to orient themselves with your website a menu bar that has 6 to 7 categories with drop-down choices will work best. Instead of cluttering the menu bar with links having links to relevant information from content works best.

Links to internal pages of your website can help search engine rankings




SEO For WordPress Websites

We offer SEO services for Websites built on WordPress & we upgrade outdated websites to WordPress  that are designed from the beginning for marketing with built-in SEO features 
Successful websites that are optimized  to encourage engagement increase traffic and maximize the exposure of your brand while converting visitors into customers

E-Commerce SEO

We design websites that ensure your visitors experience a pleasant shopping experience. In the old days 5 years ago people would keyword stuff websites have ugly pops and other annoying features for SEO that may have achieved some sales but made the customer experience unpleasant we design websites that people are happy to come back to and become loyal customers while referring to their family and friends.
Our e-commerce sites are designed with easy-to-navigate pages that look good to improve user experience and present up-sell opportunities that result in higher conversions without being intrusive and annoying.

We Are Shopify Partners And Understand SEO For Shopify

E-commerce web development involves more than just a good looking website. everything has to work together to produce a good experience for the end-user we have the experience to know what systems work best together from taking the orders  processing the payments and shipping the products next door, across the country or around the world

Proven Techniques For Dropshipping Websites

Dropshipping websites have special needs. Dropshipping eCommerce is on the rise and increasingly becoming a popular business model..

It can be a low-cost way for entrepreneurs to start a business a lot of drop-shipping websites are being run right out entrepreneur's homes.

We optimize product pages to perform well in search results. And design Websites for drop-shipping companies.

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Canadian SEO Services

We are based in Canada and understand the unique features of  Search Engine Optimization in Canada.

As a Canadian Webdesign & SEO Company. We can meet with local Canadian companies and work with them to develop ongoing SEO programs to promote  their companies to Canadian consumers and business in Canada and target countries abroad

Finding an SEO company can be extremely challenging.  meet with us to see how we can lead your Canadian business to success with our proven results.


If you have been looking for SEO services in Canada.
It is crucial to hire a company that will help your business get the right exposure to grow your website traffic and increase your conversions. A business that will take the time to get understand your business and the unique features of your business that we can promote to make you stand out.

We offer consistent, thoughtful management of your website to improve your organic search engine rankings. When your website is updated on an ongoing basis with the right keyword placement your website rankings go up.


Google Places Can Be Optimized For Better Results

When customers search for local services Google places show business in the local area in the search results it is important to take steps to ensure your website shows up first for local searches. We help business optimize their google places listing for better user experience while drawing customers to your website.

 Business listing optimization that encourages your potential customers to contact your business. when your company shows up in google maps with detailed info about your products and services it helps create trust.

The Goal Of Our SEO Campaigns

Is to organically move your company to page one of the search results for relevant keywords in your industry resulting in more traffic to your store and or more online sales and brand awareness. We use a variety of tools and techniques to achieve the best results we can for our customers while always staying up to date with the current trends and techniques in an industry that is always changing we constantly update our programs to keep up to date with what is working now.

On-Page SEO Optimization

You may have heard you need a good on-page optimization but do not have the time or are confessed about what to do most business owners are to busy running there business to keep up with the current SEO trends that is were we can help with SEO plans that are less expensive then hiring an in house SEO Consultant or assigning someone in house we offer a diversified approach to putting company on the first page results and keep them over the long term.  

Successful SEO Campaigns


A website strategy focused on increasing the rankings of your website through on-page optimization link building and trust signals

Campaigns Based On Results

An execution process based on the right steps to achieve measurable results. Based on a proven framework for optimizing websites.

Time For Results

We will work with you to develop a ranking strategy that is focused on starting to produce results in as little as 3 months 

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