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Web Design Blog

The design is more than just what it looks like …

When you choose to work with our designers,

You will find part of what sets Website Designer 1’s design team aside from other web designers is that they generally live for web design. You know the saying ‘live, drink, eat’ that’s what they do for design all day, every day.

We really feel this is a crucial factor when it comes to the web design process, as, without passion and engagement, the visual impact will only be half way there. We love what we do  A good web designer considers every single detail: from the execution of line, colour, typography, to the type of website the design and the purpose and meaning behind each of these attributes. Our skilled designers will work in collaboration with you to formulate a design that will both compliment your brand identity and project your company at its best. With SEO build into every page creating an impression on future customers.

Design, after all, is about making a mark and is “thinking made visible”.

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